About Us

Dr. Curtis Turchin, a practicing chiropractor, founded Apollo in 2006. When it was acquired by Pivotal Health Solutions in 2011, Dr. Turchin remained to serve as director of clinical sciences.  To create the first Apollo laser system, Dr. Turchin drew from his extensive background in laser technology and chiropractic care, including his work for a company that crafted the first FDA-approved lasers. Since then, his interest in and knowledge of laser technology have grown.

Apollo cold lasers avoid the harmful side effects of hot lasers, but unlike the lowest level of lasers, they also deliver substantial healing results. Apollo cold lasers safely penetrate one to two inches into the skin to effectively stimulate regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, resulting in more rapid healing and reduced pain.

The Apollo lasers’ popularity and the use of cold laser therapy have continued to grow. Apollo offers state-of-the-art portable and desktop lasers that reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate healing. Standing by every Apollo laser that is produced, Dr. Turchin provides 90 days of free support for each laser system.