Curtis Turchin, MA, DC

Dr. Curtis Turchin, MA, DC is an internationally known expert in the field of laser therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. He has used laser treatment for nearly 30 years and serves as director of clinical sciences for Apollo Lasers.

Turchin is an established leader in the industry, authoring four books and more than 20 journal articles on laser therapy. He lectures at numerous chiropractic colleges and state associations in the US and has taught therapists and doctors in Europe, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Guatemala.

Dr. Turchin studied additional types of soft-tissue therapy with Janet Travell, MD; David Simons, MD; and Karel Lewit, MD. He has a bachelor’s degree in pre-medical studies and psychology from the University of Southern California, a master’s degree in education from San Francisco State University and a doctor of chiropractic from Palmer College. He is in private practice with a medical doctor in Redwood City.