Apollo Lasers have made a big impact in the industry. Our customers agree, the results are impressive and worth talking about. Here is a small sample of the feedback we receive day after day from our satisfied clients. 

I have been blown away with the success of the Apollo laser with my patients it's everything I expected and more. Most of my patients show dramatic improvements in just a few visits. As a Diplomate in acupuncture I also purchased the acupuncture probe along with my system, I have found tremendous benefit from the use of both Electro-acupuncture and of course needle, but this laser probe has been nothing short of amazing with results often time equal to or more effective than the traditional sources of treatment.

William C Davis, DC, CCAc, FAACA, DAACA
Ennis Chiropractic

Apollo is by FAR the best designed, most efficient and easiest to use laser I have ever seen. It is durable, reliable and theraputically superior. My patients love it, my practice and income have grown from it, and I can't imagine how I could practice without it. If you compare the features, design, trustworthiness, and VALUE of low level lasers available today, there is no better choice than the Apollo.

Dr. Mark de Dubovay
Director, Advanced Wellness Center Long Beach. CA

As the Wellness Director for a company that provides at-the-job-site injury prevention programs, my team and I work with every variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Having added laser therapy to our treatment protocols, our clients have enjoyed great results. Specifically, we've had great success addressing common, but often stubborn, conditions such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and other tendonitis conditions. The cold laser has been a wonderful modality to use because it's effective, takes two minutes or less to complete a treatment, and clients tend to really engage with it due to its novelty and its ability to reduce pain. A laser therapy device is definitely a worthwhile investment for any practice.

Ben Harris, MPT, Cert. MDT

I recently sent in my PT2 for a battery replacement. I was amazed by how quickly you turned it around! It got back to me in very few days. I really did not keep track of how many days because I did not want to agonize over how long it was gone!! I could check my records, but I believe it was under 5 days including shipping time. Plus, there was a record of what was repaired, how it was tested, etc. This note is just to let you know how much I appreciate that level of service. So often these days, one buys a high ticket item...only to find little or no support after the purchase. It's wonderful that Apollo is different. Apollo is more like things used to be. That's wonderful!! It's nice to know we can depend in you!!

Mike Ernesti, President
Greentreet Services, Inc.

Apollo lasers are, in my opinion, the best you can buy at any price. I have several different probes including their newest, most powerful one. These lasers are simply the finest I've ever used and are, in my the opinion, the ultimate adjunct to any chiropractic technique. I've dealt with the company too. If there's ever a problem they do take care of you.

Seth Allen MA, DC, DABCN

Thank you for the personal care. The manuals are clear, concise, and easy to understand.The video is excellent. I am very pleased with the desktop unit/3watt probe.    I tested the unit on myself first. My elbow was sore. After treating all four sides, about 30 minutes later, the aches and "cracking noises" are gone. It would seem that the two minute maximum timer would prevent anyone from burning themselves/patient. The unit seems very safe, so far as the protocols are followed and some common sense is applied.   After completing the veterinary manual that you so generously provided,I treated my Beagle. I treated two areas on the dorsal cervical area. Also point treated either side of the cervical spine. Later, I "painted" the rest of his spinal areas, hips, and knees. After a little walking, and a nap, he is already showing improvement. I just can't thank you enough for this great product, the references, and the high level of customer suppor

Christopher Vacher

"The portability and the power in such a small package is fantastic! I take it everywhere, especially when I travel to treat athletes."

Brent Shealer, DC
Shealer Chiropractic