Wound-Healing Laser Reduces Scarring

posted by Apollo Lasers on Friday, July 3, 2015

Reducing scars left by surgery has long been a hope of researchers, who have successfully developed minimally invasive procedures to help minimize unsightly scars. Now new research has found that wound-healing lasers can actually help close surgical incisions and reduce scarring. 

According to Israeli scientists, this new laser method is far superior to conventional stitches or glues—and creates stronger bonds with less scarring. Although scientists have examined laser's ability to "stitch" surgical wounds for decades, the Israeli group's discovery of a unique optical fiber that can transmit laser energy and measure the temperature on that spot simultaneously has been an incredible step forward. Using lasers to heal surgical wounds requires very precise temperatures. 

In animal studies, laser was able to heal corneal incisions, creating a permanent seal with little damage. The first human studies have recently been successfully completed and researchers plan to follow up in a year to see if the technique truly reduces scarring.

Closing wounds and surgical incisions with a laser is a step closer to reality, Israeli scientists say.

The futuristic technique is better than current methods which damage tissue and can cause scarring, researchers from Tel Aviv University believe.

Head of the Applied Physics Department Abraham Katzir was behind the research. He says traditional stitches or more modern glues are inferior to his new method.

"Today most of the incisions that are made by surgeons are bonded using sutures or clips or chemical glues and there are problems with these methods. And we found that if you heat the incisions spot by spot by laser you can bond it without incisions and hopefully with very little or no scarring," he said.

This article excerpt, by Reuters, originally appeared here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/04/01/us-israel-healing-laser-idUSKBN0MS4XA20150401.

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